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Who doesn’t love roses? Every rose is special in its own special way, but some are more spectacular than others. It’s not free to buy flowers, but it may be free to look at pictures, at least. I really hope you’ll enjoy these, and if you have others, then be sure to share them with me and I’ll post them right away.

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The Syringa vulgaris, or Lilac, is a genus of about 20-25 species of flowers which typically grow in temperate or Mediterranean areas. What few people know is that this purple shrub is actually related to the olive – but that’s just trivia, pretty irrelevant for its meaning and appearance.

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The flower gained attention since ancient times, when the Greeks even used it in their mythology, however, it is believed that the plant was grown since prehistoric times. As the legend goes, the god Pan with the nymph Syringa. Syringa was frightened because Pan had been chasing her through the forests. However, scared by his aspect, she ran away, frightened, and afraid of being caught, she turned herself into a fragrant flowering.

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An illustration of Syringa, the nymph

The flower’s color varies from white to purple and in between. The lilac was extremely popular in the Victorian era, in the 1800s, when it was used to show the first emotions of love – it was often use to say “I’m starting to fall in love with you”. In some contexts, it can mean loving protection; the white variety is used to symbolize the uttermost purity, as well as youthful innocence. In Mediterranean cultures, the flower is associated with Easter and the start of the Spring. In the US however, I’ve seen the flower used for quite different symbols: Syringa vulgaris is the state flower of New Hampshire, because it “is symbolic of that hardy character of the men and women of the Granite State”. Strange, but then again, I don’t live in New Hampshire, so what do I know.

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In the absence of harsh conditions, Syringa grows anywhere from 2 to 10 meters, usually steming beautiful 20-30 cm purple flowers with a magnificent scent. The flowers are produced in the spring, in a dazzling display of color and smell. Lilac is a shrub, so it’s not really the kind of plant you want to grow indoor. However, if you have a garden, even a small one, you should know that they are low maintenance shrubs, really easy to take care of; they will offer a splendid view, a fantastic scent and once they grow, even some nice summer shade. Syringa doesn’t like too much water, which is why they usually thrive in sandy soils or on hillsides (again, this is just a preference, they do well in any soil type). Like any plants, lilacs will benefit from compost and humus worked into the soil to help retain water during dry spells and to provide additional nutrients. No fertilizer or additional substance is required.

They are susceptible to a few pests and diseases, mostly during hot and humid weather. If anything happens to them just be sure to contact your local florist and he’ll tell you what to do. Other than that, just keep the weeds to a minimum around them (it’s not even necessary to fully remove weeds) and if there’s a drought, give them a little watering – but not too much.

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Growing white or purple lilacs is really really easy; just follow these common sense tips and watch them grow and thrive. Some people will tell you these plants are old fashioned or they’re your grandma’s flowers… but that’s just bull – and besides, your grandma knows best.

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Art takes many forms, and especially in modern times, tattoos are already a common trend in many countries. In this post, I’ll share some fantastic buy Lyrica online canada tattoos,  because the symbolism is just extremely powerful, and the overall result is often just stunning.

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First off, roses – they are the Lyrica for purchase, a passionate, intense, burning love. No flower is more direct in meaning than the rose. Then, you have purple – the color of nobility, spirit and mystery. Bind them together, and what do you get? A true, noble love, full of mystery and spiritually charged. If that’s what you’re really feeling and you’re ready to have it on your skin for the rest of your life… then go for it!

More Purple rose tattoo pictures:

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Here’s a great design as well

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Simple and cute:

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A little more intricate and sexy:

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Everybody loves orchids – the overall exotic appearance, the beautiful look, the magnificent scent… all these make orchids a favorite flower for millions. But what many people don’t know is that orchids come in a great variety of colors as well. Practically, they come in pretty much every color – except for blue, but we’ll get back on that a little later.

White orchids

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Probably the best known variety of flowers – white, or white with dots; this is what most people imagine when they think of orchids. They are quite common now, despite the fact that they were once considered flowers only for extremely rich people, because they were quite difficult to grow under European conditions. The gorgeous white Dendobium fytchianum was discovered by a Captain Grant and Colonel Fytche in Burma in 1863.

Yellow orchids

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Of course, yellow orchids came after the white orchids, and brought a whole new level to the table. Back in the day, they were a truly rare sight, and much more pretentious than their white counterparts.

Pink orchids

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Pink orchids are probably the most popular choice today; such bouquets and flower arrangements are perfect for pretty much any occasion, and the significance is so broad and universally positive that whenever you’re in doubt, you can just go for the pink orchids.

Red Orchids

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Red orchids are not quite a common site, but they’re quickly growing in popularity. Red orchids are often described as “an Asian love’s dream”. They are sophisticated but sincere flowers – the perfect choice for Valentine’s day.

Purple Orchids

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Ahhh… purple orchids! The editor’s choice, they are royal members of the flower family. Purple orchids symbolize mystery, royalty, and spirituality – all combined in one single color. They are, by excellence, a symbol of nobility, ceremony and distinction. The how to buy Lyrica online is deep and should not be taken lightly. You can read more about buy Pregabalin online on the page I wrote specially for them, so I won’t go even more into details.

Black orchids

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So do black orchids even exist? They definitely do! Orchid growers and hobbyists have been trying to  grow a black orchid for decades, and after all this time, they finally did it. Why such a fascination for black flowers of all kind still persists is beyond me but… who knows.

Blue orchids

Well as I was saying, there is no true blue orchid. There is actually a lot of debate around this subject There are plenty of purple orchids, even black orchids, but there are no blue ones – technically speaking. However, a lot of varieties are manipulated towards this goal, and probably, pretty soon blue orchids will become reality; and when you think about it, blue and purple roses would make a wonderful bouquet.